Do you know what leg cramps are?

You might have experienced this at some point in your life as it can hit you in worst possible situations. Whether you are taking a run on your treadmill, lying on the bed, there is a sharp stabbing pain you will feel which are totally debilitating. Leg cramping can be irritating and could break your exercise or sleeping routine.

A leg cramp is known as a sudden sharp contraction or a tightening of muscle in the calf which occurs for just a few seconds or minutes. Remember whenever a cramp hit you, it can be ease down by stretching the muscles gently. In order to know the long-term solution of leg cramping you first need to determine the potential causes of it.

To avoid leg cramps make sure to nourish your body by getting enough rest. You’ll also want to rule out any underlying issues that could be contributing to leg crampings, such as peripheral artery disease or thyroid issues. See a doctor when cramps prevent you from exercising, or if they seem to happen spontaneously without a trigger.

We are going to present some expert advice on the major reasons for which you might experience leg twinge.


You know when it comes to minerals it is one of the most important components our body needs. Not just the water which sweat outs form your body but also electrolytes can be a major reason to contribute leg cramps. If your body is lower on certain minerals such as sodium, magnesium, or potassium it can lead to leg twinge.


Fatigue can be a reason which triggers leg twinge as a tired muscle loses more nutrients than it uses, hence not functioning at its peak. A leg twinge can happen because of fatigue.


Dehydration is an important nutrient in our body and if you are not taking enough if fluids your body could start shutting down in several ways. Since things are not functioning and circulating properly, your muscles start cramping up. This is especially true for athletes or those who exercise regularly that like to stay physically active. In order to avoid cramping in the future, be sure to stay hydrated all day by drinking water regularly.


Leg cramping could also occur due to a low-carb diet which often goes hand in hand. Whenever you are trying to lose your weight they usually go on a low-calorie diet, but the fact is that your body needs some carbs in order to function properly. Therefore, low carb diet could be the reason for your leg twinge.


Pregnancy can also lead to leg cramping because in that condition women usually gain 30-40 extra pounds which eventually increases fatigue.


If you could not figure out the reason behind your leg cramping then you need to take a look at recent additions to your medications. There are some medications which used to lower blood pressure, may trigger cramping because they deplete the body of fluid and salts.


Due to poor circulation or insufficient blood supply to legs is a common reason for leg cramping.

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