Smokey Eyes Step By Step Beginners Guide

Whether you got to go on a party or a wedding, a fancy gala to attend, or a concert or an evening full of lights a girl always want to look attractive and glamorous. Hence for making yourself lucrative and stylish both at the same time, a smoky eye look could be the perfect choice any girl could have. Smoky eye look can be created while using the colors which compliment your skin tone or you can use the traditional color for smoky eyes that is grey and black. Girls usually want to go for this smoky eye makeup but eventually couldn’t make it because of the unawareness of how to apply makeup on eyes in order to get smoky eye effect. So today we are going to see that how you can attain a perfect smoky eye look in 3 simple and easy steps.

Smokey Eyes Step By Step Beginners Guide

We are going to learn how to do a smokey eye step by step. Following are the three basic steps which you have to follow:




In order to create a sophisticated drama look, you have to start from choosing the exact color which you will be using in creating a smokey eye look. Colours play an important role hence you have to choose a color which compliments your skin. Starting with picking up the colors, you need at least three colors of a similar hue usually black and grey which are most appropriate colors for the smokey eye. The most commonly used colors include either the combination of grey and black or bronze and brown you can choose any one of them.

If you want to go with a green eye always go for the shade of gray and plum, which is the best choice to go along. However, gold and copper go well with blue eyes, and brown eyes look good with navy and grey color. You can choose three colors all of the different shades such as a light color (creamy), a medium color (base), and a dark color (smoky) in order to create smokey eyes step by step. If you have a fair or a dark skin then never go for bright colors just create a smokey eye look to make your face pretty.



Even if you choose the appropriate three eye colors for your makeup never forget that an essential part of this tutorial is choosing the right supplies. For creating great smokey eyes apply some loose powder as it gives the best blending ability

Afterwards, you can use pitch-black eyeliner to create a smoky eye look. When it comes to eyeliner you have lots of options to use such as pencil, cream, or liquid. Try to give a very smooth finish while using cream or liquid eyeliner and eventually blend it.

Always go for high-quality bushes never use old, dirty sponge or brushes if you use old brushes it can create smeared and odd look which would not even blend.

Domed eye shadow brush is the Best brush for smoky eyes. Before applying smokey eye makeup always use a concealer and eye shadow premier to composite your lids.



Before creating your smokey eye look you have to use certain makeup on your face such as concealer under your eyes or any dark spots, foundation followed by a powder. Afterwards, you can apply blush and blend it into the apples of your cheeks. In order to make your smokey eye to look vibrant, you have to make your brows well shaped and colored.


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