A creative photographer who belongs to Montana, the USA named Jeena Martin is a fine art and underwater. Jeena Martin always came up with something new and creative. This time she challenged herself and came up with an unusual idea which is really creative. Rather than searching for beautiful places and beautiful locations she decided to shoot on a place which is ugly.

Photographers usually go to beautiful places and try to find different locations for shooting. Here Jeena Martin is using ugly places with horrible lighting and backdrops which are limited. Jeena opted for a local retail store. She along with her best friend Rachelle Kathleen, Jeena tried to bring the ugliest locations turned into beautiful locations. With the help of her keen eyes for details and impeccable skills, Jeena brings the most beautiful aspects from some ugly and boring locations.

Here are some to the most amazing and stunning photos captured by Jeena Martin. You can also check the best pictures clicked by this photographer on Instagram and Facebook.



The first location for Photograph which Jeena showed was in a paint colour sample section. Before shooting in this location Jeena set some rules for herself as she is not going to use any artificial lighting, moving displays, or making big changes. While making these points into her mind she made the photography done by her turned into a photograph which is worth praising.



The ladies then headed to the lighting section, which was a tricky spot for shooting. The light was pretty horrendous, with all the different colours, brightness levels, and shadows, yet it was worth a try!

Afterwards she along with her model friend headed to the lighting section. Eventually, it was a difficult and tricky spot for shooting. The lights were not proper along with brightness levels, shadows, but she decided to try a shoot.



Apparently, aisles were the toughest and challenging part to shoot. As the places, have horrible lightning along with plastic surfaces but Jeena somehow managed to shoot there by using her photography skills.



The final part of this creative photography took place in the garden section. Jeena used her skills with the help of appropriate lighting and cluster of fake scrubs. The creative photographer turned beautiful creating a magical winter atmosphere.



Jeea Martin after shooting on the above sides went to another location which is World Market. She tried to use her creative photography skills in a simple background full of colours of pillows. The colourful background made the shot impressive and interesting.


Here are a couple shots I got with @rachellekathleen in World Market. We had about 20 minutes to play before they closed! – I’ve never shot in front of a giant pillow wall before. There were a few new challenges. The lights were not flattering (hence the hat), and since we were in a big hurry I didn’t realize how many tags were sticking out…which made for quite the pain while editing later ?. I’ll post the before and after tomorrow on @jennamartin_bts ✌?❤️ . . . . . #ourmoodydays #envisiontones #folkportraits #hinfluencercollective #ig_mood #igworldclub_women #creative_portraits #gramkilla #makeportrait #marvelous_shot #photographerspics #portraitsociety #profile_vision #portraitfolk #featurecreature #theportraitpr0ject #portraitcentral #visualmasterz #faceobsessed #l0tsabraids #portraitsfromtheworld #featuremefilms #bravogreatphoto #ftwwne #moodyports #observethis #portraitfestival #folksouls #capturedconcepts #moodyfilm

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