There are variety of cosmetics, girls should own. But there are certain cosmetics which are a must to have with you all the time. It doesn’t matter which brand your cosmetics is, but it’s essential to keep some with you.
Essential cosmetics to keep with you all the time


  • Blush is the most popular item in cosmetics and is being used by women on a daily basis. These are used to give pretty looks to your cheeks. There are varieties of shades available in blushes. It may be rosy or have apricot flavor. You can select the shade of your own choice which suits your personality.


  • If you are facing problems regarding dark circles on your skin, having pimples or some kind of redness effect, then you should use “Concealer” in your daily routine. It will help in making all of your dark spots, will help in removing pimples and redness of your skin and will enhance the beauty of your face.


  • Some women love to have long beautiful eyelashes, which suits their personality a lot. Long lashes beautify your eyes and make your face more attractive. To get such beautiful long eye lashes you have to use Mascara. You just have to give half a minute for this and you will get adorable long eye lashes. You have a choice to make short or long eye lashes according to your personality. You can also add the fluffy look in it by adding a thick layer of Mascara.

Eye liner

  • Eyeliners are also a must have, without eyeliners, the eyes are incomplete. Eyeliners pop out the very fine last line and in a very lucrative way it marks the eyelid, making it beautiful and attractive.

Red lipstick 

  • Lipstick always has the vital importance when we talk about the makeup. It is also called the Queen of cosmetics. Red colored lipstick has its own charm. No other color can beat the beauty of red lipstick. You will look more beautiful and attractive when you use this color of lipstick. Red lipstick is considered compulsory for Pouting lips. It doesn’t matter what your complexion, red lipstick suits everyone. And it also goes with all the occasions.

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