A common saying that eyes are the windows of the soul is quite true. Every girl loves to do makeup and want to look good. But it is not an overnight thing; you need to learn basic techniques of makeup application. To do good make up now a days many articles and videos are available online for help. Though when doing makeup every area of face is important but eye make-up can be very tricky for beginners. One needs to create a tonal variation on the eye lid with one shade or two or can even use three shades as well. But as a beginner creating tonal variation with one color is the best. Some easy eye makeup tips for beginners on which they can master and then can do variations with it.

Step 1:

Use a good moisturizer or concealer on the eye lid with the help of fingertip or a brush. Then apply some concealer on your dark circles to hide them. Always buy that concealer, which contains SPF, it is a good makeup tip which you need to remember to keep your skin safe from sun rays. This base coat will also help you in smooth application of eye shadows and they will last longer.

Apply an evenly tone of lighter shade first on the eye lid; blend it till the brow bone. Use a soft shadow brush to blend it because as a beginner it will be easy to spread evenly.

Step 2:

Next step is to take a medium shade and apply it on the crease of the eye along with corners. If you will blend it this way it will automatically become an eye mold. Now use the soft brush and blend medium shade with the darker one. You need to blend till you get a gradient.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to add the darker shades. An important eye makeup tips while applying darker tone is to use a flat brush, choose a darker shade and start applying it from inner corner towards outer corner. This flat brush is good for creating fine lines and flat smudging. To smudge it on the corner you can use your finger tip also but do not press it hard on the eye lid.

Step 4:

Now you have created a tonal variation on the eye lid use the dark tone and create a thin line around the lower lash. Do not press the brush too hard otherwise it will create a crude line. Keep it soft and smudgy so that it will make your eyes look smooth and gorgeous.

Step 5:

The last and important thing is to add a shimmer or glitter that will make your eyes look wide open. Choose a neutral shade like golden, or copper and by using a thin eye shadow brush apply the highlighter on the inside corner of the eye. This will make your eyes look brighter. You can also apply glitter or highlighter below the brow line and on the outer edge also.

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