Women used to search  alot about How to apply winged eyeliner. Winged eye liner make your eyes to look attractive and you look Hot but if you are going to do it in a right way for makeup beginners it will be a tricky so they have to polish it. There are some techniques which make us clear How to apply winged eyeliner perfectly

Step 1: Through free hand sketch the outline first

  1. On the upper lash line apply eyeliner

Draw a simple thin line on the upper lash line with a light pencil. The line should be tin as much as it can be:

  • You have to start from the inner corner then proceed in outward direction
  • Neatness is not required but it should be thin
  • Then apply again in the same direction the roughness here don’t make much difference
  • The eyelid should be flat if it’s not possible then tilt the head in backward direction then apply in it on open eye.
  1. Measure how far you can make wing should go

At the bottom lash line hold the eyeliner pencil at the end point. And the point it in the upward direction

  • Extend the line diagonally up and out
  • If you have dropping eyelid then you has to wing the angle more in the outward direction.
  1. Thin diagonal line should be drawn to the end of the wing

The line should be matched picture the guideline against the eyelid. It should look like an elongation of the lower eye lash line

  • at the tip of eye liner line draw above on the upper lash line
  • Then draw diagonally at 45 degree out and up, direction showed be end of the eyebrow.
  • It’s up to you how much you want to add the extend the wink.
  1. From middle of the draw a straight line of your eyelid

Draw a straight diagonal line and then the middle of the upper eyelash. Make it prominent and wink it properly.

  1. Outline should be filled

The eye liner should be then moved to the inner edge of the eye and the whole area should be covered properly.

  1. Inner edge line should be Thicken

Move the pencil in the inner direction and thicken that area as naturally it is thin so to make it prominent thicken that area

Step 2: Sketch the outline through alternative method 

  1. At the corner of the eye place small piece of tap
  2. Liner should be applied on the upper eyelash
  3. With liner trace the edge of the tape
  4. Make outer edge thicker then the inner edge

Step 3: Final look

  1. Step back again
  2. UN-Even edges should be cleaned
  3. The pencil then trace by the eye liner
  4. Again clean the additional edge our mistake
  5. Let it to dry for 10-15 minutes

These where the following techniques and know your query of How to apply winged eyeliner will be ousted.

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