Arthritis a universal problem


Arthritis is a problem of joints that is very common in females. It is the type of pain and inflammation of joints that lead to a serious disorder in someone’s life if not treated well on time. People who are suffering from this disease felt severe pain and stiffness in their joints and also sometimes inflammation and swelling in them. The person even cannot be able to move their joints freely because it causes pain in their joints.

Arthritis is not a single type of problem that is present in people. It has different types in which patient suffer differently mainly as of the same type the problem of joints, bones, and muscles. The most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Juvenile arthritis. These types affect differently to the different age group of people. It is basically the problem of the skeleton system in which the muscles, bones, and joints get affected from any point, in any age which may result in a life threatening the position of some person.


Osteoarthritis affects people generally of age 50 and above. The problem starts with little pain swelling and inflammation in the joints but gets worse by the time. The ligaments which are present in the joints for holding each other are like elastic bands and helps in the movement of two bones that are interconnected. In this type of arthritis, the ligaments become stretch which results in extreme pain in joints and difficulty in movement. This type of arthritis commonly occurs in knees, hands, and hips.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis is the second major type of arthritis in people especially between the ages of up to 40. It is more likely common in women than in men. This type of arthritis is a chronic one in which the joints have an extreme inflammatory factor. This disease gets more and more difficult to deal with the time because its nature may become worse and body can get a worse reaction. The immunity cells present in the bones couldn’t perform their function well and results in extreme difficulty in movement of muscles and swelling of joints. This type of arthritis starts with an extreme weakness of the bones especially in women after the birth of a baby and it can happen to any of the joints in the body.


In this of arthritis, the joints get swelled and the patient feels more pain, stiffness, and difficulty in muscles for movement as the problem starts in the joints ligaments and the soft tissues of the muscles.

Juvenile arthritis:

It is the type of arthritis naturally occurs in children and affects the whole body. The joints of the children are so weak due to the insufficient quantity of calcium in their body. The problem differs in children as many of them have affected only some particular joints, some have many joints affected and some of them have affected their entire body joints.

 How to Cure:

There are certain tests performed for the confirmation of arthritis. The researchers are still researching that why arthritis is being caused in the body. The patient needs to be consulted by the specialist doctor at earliest because only the doctor can diagnose the real type and situation of the patient of arthritis. For curing this disease two types of therapies have been performed in the world. One is physical and the other is occupational therapy. In physical therapy, the patients need to perform some basic exercises with the help of therapist which improves the function of their muscles and joints. In occupational therapy, the patient understands the exact positions and work that can cause the extreme strain on the joints and muscles. All that activities which cause strain on their muscles will need to be avoided.

Arthritis can be easy to handle if you understand the exact situation and treatment of your arthritis with the help of the doctor. So I would suggest being very careful about your health and fitness matters because life is very beautiful …

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