Avoiding weight gaining meals

weight gain

“People fall in the trap of either working too hard or playing too hard or both, pushing the body out of rhythm. The occasional lack of exercise, late nights and poor diets won’t do much harm, but when done over an extended period of time, people will suffer from fatigue, lack of interest, lack of appetite, etc. Irregular routines could also lead to weight gain.”

Life is too busy in understanding the basics for fitness and health but they are a very necessary part of life. People don’t have time even to think about all these things they are just busy in their routine matters and job. They don’t even think about their own shape and body. A hectic routine doesn’t allow them to spend time for their own fitness and health. They just forget what is better and most importantly healthy for them to eat. Everything seems to be the in the list of perfect diet but actually they are gaining their weight which is not at all healthy for them.

A time come in their life when they realize that they were actually not on the right path and everything they have done before in their life like eating all type of the food and at any time was harmful for their health and fitness. At that time they recognize the importance of staying fit and healthy because a healthy mind and body is the key to healthy life and addition of more years in life without any problems physically and mentally.

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

When they know the importance of physical fitness and health then they will realize that what they have lost in their life because a healthy life is the key element for the success in life in all the matters. Those people then skip their meals and change their eating habits and timings. But actually skipping meals may not result in healthy mind and body because research shows that skipping meals and avoiding food results in more weight gain. Whenever the body starts to work as a fasting body. The essential body requirement like carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals dissolve in the body and plays the role for the diet which in turn result in imbalances of essential nutrients of the body. The body starts to work differently and the whole process and function of the body parts became disturbed. The skipping of the meals not only disturbs the functionality of the body but also results in more weakness and limitations.

The overall performance of the body results in poor and the body’s strength became weak against the diseases. Lots of other problems begin to rise that are more dangerous and harmful for the body. It’s better to have less calorie count instead of more than the required daily consumption so that our body system remain in balance and the other thing that is required to be started in our life is to apply the lifestyle in which we can burn our calories by exercising and workout. Because workout not only helps in burning extra calorie count but it is also very effective for the healthy mind and body. Exercise and workout plays a vital role in our life to keep our body strength maintained and helps to remain fresh and healthy.

“The most positively rated were campaigns that focused on encouraging specific health behaviors or actions, like eating fruits and vegetables every day or engaging in physical activity … And the most motivating were the ones that made no mention of obesity or weight at all.”

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