Women hate shopping for jeans. In fact, the last time they might have stepped into a store to go denim shopping was four years ago. The reason behind is weight curvy women has due to which they could not wear jeans. As jeans give a more prominent look at your thighs and legs makes you feel uncomfortable and awkward.

It might be possible that you are gaining more pounds in every coming year. Women usually try to fit themselves into that denim which they purchased years ago. Try to fit and squeeze into the same denim every single time would make you feel more uncomfortable.

There are certain jeans for women which will hug your curves perfectly, and now you would have to hunt for another pair.

While trying to find a new pair of jeans for women with curves is a real struggle though and it can be a demoralizing process. Women usually grab three different seize in order to know which will work best for them and to find a match for yourself. While shopping for jeans women usually have thoughts like will these pants get over their thighs? Will these show my crack when they will sit down? Are these jeans supposed to be this tight? Which usually leads them to frustration.

Always find jeans which are comfortable that works with your butt and make you feel totally awesome. For the girls having curves, they should go for mid-rise or high-rise which would not even crack and the cuts included skinny, straight, and boot styles.

Some of the brand’s girls tried made their butt look like a flat pancake, while they couldn’t even sit down in a few options. In the end, these are the five pairs I like best totally curvy-girl approved. Following are jeans for women which you can buy if you have curves.

Guess Mid-Rise Curve X

This pair of Guess jeans makes your butt looked amazing in this pair (plump and round and perky). The extra vertical seam right above the pockets gave butts a bit of extra breathing room.


Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny

These might be the softest jeans you have ever felt. Seriously, these must be what those pajama jeans from the infomercials feel like. The high-waist cut kept everything in its proper place (meaning your little belly pooch wasn’t overflowing). You can also wear these jeans on your home and weekends.


Mott & Bow High-Rise Skinny

These pants are definitely going to be my office staple because of the comfort level. They have a good amount of stretch, but they actually have that textured denim feel.


Levi’s 815 Curvy Bootcut

Girls with long legs don’t have to be worried from now. Boot jeans which have a slight flare at the ankle can be really flattering for women who have curvy hips.


True Religion Jennie Curvy Bootcut

These true religion denim jeans is a must-have for girls having curves as the stretch material really gives the butt a boost.




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