Some scenes claim that fashion never gets older but merely changes its pathway. Well, it might be true up to some extent. Few current fashion trends go with high prestige and public’s attention and so fashion divas even carry them in preceding years and so, the public also like to follow it again and again. Sometimes, such kind of trend gets evens more name and fame than last decade.

In 2017, a number of such current fashion trends gain height. Few out of them even traveled to 2018. This includes outfits, accessories, footwear, and even makeup styles. This seems to be advantageous for fashion designers especially because with little or no alterations they can continue the style.

What comes up this year?

With the beginning of this year, fashion gods are picking and dropping multiple trends that they would add up this year also. Though 2017 brought for us some cool and flirty trends ― such as paper bag waist pants and couch floral ― we are eagerly waiting for some fun and fashionable stuff that we can look forward to finding in our wardrobes in 2018. Let’s move ahead!


This was found in fashion runways of 2017 and it is expected to be there in 2018 as well. Of course, why not? After all, they are cute, super lightweight, easy to wear and take any look from bland to bold.



Ultraviolet is one of the best memories of 2017. They have been in the trend because of their brightness and we really hope to see it again in 2018 in its full swing.

Statement earrings

Statement earrings were among the most appealing stuff of 2017 and we are glad that they are still trending in 2018. The metallic hammered body is everything that you might be looking for your party.


Peekaboo side slits

Sexy side splits are something that one can never get over and so the fashion divas have carried this year also. This would be so exciting to see them again.


100% cotton jeans

No stretch denim jeans are in full swing this year also. Customers are turning their eyes towards 100% cotton jeans and denim in 2018. One can never forget them while setting up wardrobe this year.


Wide leg trousers

Wide-leg pants and trousers stayed there in height in 2017 and they are here with us this year also.  From wide-leg cropped trousers, to high-waist paper-bag pants, you will definitely see plenty of such cool and comfortable bottoms throughout 2018.


Sheer socks

Sheer socks are among the most impractical trend of 2018 but at the same time, their cuteness cannot be ignored at all. You can pair them with ballet flats to get a new look or let them play peekaboo over a pair of ankle booties.



This top current fashion is the basic trend to get attention this year. Although, there is a number of new trends that originally were launched this year few are having their sources from 2017. No matter what goes or what comes up, the public will choose what suits them best.

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