Cat eyes made eyes to look majestic and attractive, it enhances the shape of the eyes mostly the girls with round eyes when apply the cat eye makeup their eyes look like almond shape enhance their looks and the whole appearance get changed.

The perfect cat eyeliner is in fashion know a days, it gave attraction to the eyes and deliver seductive, dark look even when the rest of the makeup still remain low for this you have to follow the cat eye makeup tutorial.

There are step that should be followed to get the perfect cat eye makeup there are just fewer steps that a person should have to follow it but if something wrong does happen still no need to underestimate you. Keep trying to get the perfect cat eye look.

To get this look you can use any color pencil but for the beginners’ the dull pencil is first to be used so that they can apply and can erase the roughness easily. When you get the perfect eyeliner through the dull pencil then add the shimmer to the lower edge of the eye brow so that it enhances the look more. Then trace the applied eyeliner through the gel or by the liquid eyeliner.

There are following Cat eye makeup tutorial steps that should be followed to get a perfect eye liner:

Step 1

Through the dull eye pencil start from the middle of the upper eyelid, and slightly draw a thin line as much thin as possible near the lash of your eye, move this in the out ward direction then. Then again move the pencil in the backward direction. Through this you create the dramatic look to your eyes by enhancing the width of eye.

If you just remain with the thin line it will give you a nice look ultimately. More practices are required to create the straight line. So you have to draw single line or you may short the line.

Step 2

Draw a fine thin line at first in the inner corner of your eye first. Then darken it as naturally that area has the thin line so by darken it the eyes will look more open and big.

Step 3

From the last part of the lash draw a line in an outward direction so that you can create wing through it properly it’s up to your requirement that how much wing you want if you increase the length it will create the dramatic look and the angle is also up to a person chose.

Step 4

Draw the line back to the upper lash line when you are done with the wing. Through this you can create the triangle on your upper eye lid. For creating the more thick eyeliner, then you have to draw a bigger triangle, you should end up at the middle part of your eyeliner.

For more nice look just draw a small triangle that end at the outer corner of the eyes and not proceeds any further without creating the high angle.

Step 5

With the liquid eyeliner trace the pencil marks created on your eye.

Step 6

Close the eyes for 10-15 minutes to dry the linear. Thicken the eyelash with black mascara.

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