fashion trends

For centuries, clothes and other body beautifications are considered as non-verbal communication form, to represent social status, occupation, gender, and a way to stand out in a crowd. Defining latest fashion trends is not an easy task. Fashion trends in the real term are a very complex mechanism that affected by political, social, climate and economic factors. The latest fashion is the reflection of cultural, economic and political changes. A fashion trend is a style or a custom prevalent at a certain period in a specific region. To someone, it is a form of art, to others it just like a part of a culture. However, fashion could be used in both ways, to hide one’s true personality or to an elaboration to one’s own personality. Everyone desire to look unique and special, this is the key factor of development of new fashion trends. In the year of 2018 the latest fashion flutters between classicism and fantasy trends with a glitch of 1980’s fashion trends. Sequins are going to be in latest fashion trend in summer 2018. Dior and Chanel have introduced sequins and sparkles in their fashion shows.

Pastels, every soft color like lilac, lemon, pink or duck egg is going to be the most trendy colors of 2018.

Checks and floral prints are going on trend for the season ahead. Waterproof plastic look fabric is also in demand for the coming year. Fringing made a remarkable comeback in 2018, both in casual or formal wear.

Bold colors like yellow, blue, red are part of latest fashion trends. Ruffles are again famous for feminine clothing.

Puff sleeves are back from 1980’s and yet in trendier looks. Bump bags, Cinderella shoes all are going to be latest fashion trends.

Asian countries like Pakistan is efficient in adopting latest international fashion trends. Chic hats, polka dots, medium length shirts, short frocks, cigarette pants, bell bottoms, Mohicans all are the latest fashion trend in the coming year in Pakistan. Major style brands are inspired by recent international fashion and are busy modifying and adopting them into Pakistani culture. Elan is one of the famous clothing brands is already displayed its floral prints for coming year fashion.


Along with baggy sleeves dresses with caps have always been eye-catching to bring uniqueness in style. The well-known designers like Zainab Chottani, Fahad Hussayn, and Erum Khan has already displayed their variety of cap dresses. These cap dresses are for both casual and formal wear.

Many designers have also passed off traditional kameez with one side slit. It could get popularity among women who craze about the latest fashion. Sharara and different shalwar styles are trendy. Similarly, cold shoulder tops and peplums are also liked by a certain class of people.

Cinderella shoes, pumps are the latest fashion trend in Pakistan.




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