If you love to use acrylic nail extensions at home then Nailene is the best option for you. As it offers variety of acrylic nails extensions available in different designs and colors. These extensions give you better look as before and it takes no time to shop from Nailene. Like, Nailene offers Acrylic nails kit No 7939 which is a complete package of variety of Acrylic nails extensions with variety of fills, in a compact case which you can carry easily anywhere you want. Nailene offers variety with reasonable rates as compared to market which you can afford easily. Following is the step wise guide to for how to do acrylic nails extensions in perfect way:

How to do acrylic nails perfectly? 

  1. Clean your nails properly and remove the nail polish properly if you have used recently.
  2. Wash your hands and specially nails with hand wash which have anti-bacterial liquid in it.
  3. Sharp all of your nails gently, after that remove the skin dead as much as possible from your nails and then buff them using buffer to remove all dust particles.
  4. Paste the required form to the nail tips.
  5. After that, paste the nail primer gently and make sure that it should be applied in the form of thin layer and did not touch the skin. Allow it to dry completely, and when it dries you can do your acrylic nail work now.
  6. Now it time to apply Acrylic nails extension liquid. First, allow the brush to get dipped in required liquid gently and then add Acrylic nails extension powder on the brush.
  7. Now apply this material present on the brush to your nails carefully. Spread it completely over the nails. Add more Acrylic liquid and powder to the brush, and apply in the same way when necessary.
  8. It’s time to make nail designs and beautiful shapes according to your desire.

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