I used the Most Viral Charcoal Face Mask and this is what happened

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Women always prefer to use the product which gives them an immense solution to beauty.  Recently we have seeing a charcoal face mask thingy everywhere. You can see the promotional ads on social media pages. different vendors are promoting the product with a video in which girl is pasting a black liquid on face and when it get dry they are peel off with such irritation and itching. Some white head came out with the mask and it attracts the buyers. It s getting popular day by day and people are ordering it from online stores and vendors.  This charcoal face mask business on internet is going crazy.

Today I am going to tell you what this product is all about and whatever is on videos and pages actually do or not.  Is it a marketing tactic or something really related to beauty? Well like everyone I was so amazed and attracted towards these advertisements and decided to order the charcoal face mask to give it a try like everyone.  While searching through different pages on face book and Google. I just find out it on Ali express with some reasonable price otherwise it was too high on social media pages making out some huge profits on the product while ordering from some online stores like Ali express. Anyhow I ordered the product on risk and give a try out to myself and also decided to give my personal review for all the people out there going crazy and obsessed with. so guys finally when my products arrives quite quickly from Ali express, without wasting a single minute I decided to put it on my face.  I wash my face did first cleansing, scrubbing and put this mask on my face at the same time I was also feeling some fear inside that if this and that happen but coming over to my fear I just give it a try. Woo after putting on to my face I lay down to let it dry for 10 minutes as per my satisfaction.  When it dries out, now it’s time to peel it off. O God that’s the point which gives me heart attack feeling, seriously believe it or not it was so painful and itching. It just is stretching my skin with the mask and when I was done with it after too much effort and pain. Guys believe me I sewer didn’t nothing special in results. I feel the same skin, even drier.  It was nothing just a black thickly material. It will give you no beauty treatment.  It is just a waste of money and torching yourself.  It’s quite logical then charcoal is not that cheap to make and use it in beauty products. Actually

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