Lack of night sleep is a major cause of many health issues

Every normal person in this world has the opportunity to enjoy his life to its fullest and it is only possible when he has the perfect routine in daily activities. Sleeping habit of a person at night is like he is having the best thing in his life. A proper night time sleep is not only helpful for the healthy mind but for the energetic body as well.

A healthy and strong mind and body require the routine that cannot be affected by the different matters of life. Like if some person works at night and sleeps in the day then he will not have such energy in his body that is required generally by the body to complete some specific tasks. That person felt dizziness throughout the remaining day when he asked to do work. His body doesn’t react so actively like the person who has completed his whole night sleep. He got many mood swings as he is asked to do some work or talk on some matter.

A night sleep is a blessing for the people because it not only helps the person’s body to reduce the anxiety level which he got throughout the day in different matters but also reacts in a better way in different routine matters next day. There is a huge list of problems that can be faced by a person if he is not taking his proper sleep. We always think that everything is normal and we can be alive without the proper sleep of night, but actually this is not true in majority cases because we simply ignore many little problems which then turn to be the big health issues in life.

Here are some of the problems which I will highlight as I was also the prisoner of these problems in the past and by bringing a change in my routine and life now I feel like a healthier person than before.

Anxiety and Depression:

The biggest problem that arises due to lack of proper time sleep is anxiety and depression. A person becomes insane about his general matters and this is the main reason that a person does not feel well and happy in their routine life.

Disturbance of body parts:

Due to lack of sleep different body parts reacts differently and their functionality became disturbed. In the result, the body’s immunity system to fight against the infections and germs may become weaker.

Obesity and Hormonal Disorder:

Lack of sleep may result in the hormonal disorders of the body which is the main reason for the excessive weight gain and obesity.

Many other major problems that we see around us in different people like Diabetes, Heart Problems, Blood Pressure, Infertility in men and women, Different sorts of mental and physical strokes and problems, mood swings in people, hypersensitivity, tiredness and laziness are just because that these people are not getting their enough sleep which is required by their body.

So I will say that a healthy mind and body always needs a proper routine and at least 7 to 8 hours sleep at night for performing all the day to day activities in a better way.

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