Mangobazz needs to stop from spreading this kind of Culture

Mangobaaz needs to stop for spreading such kind of culture among the youngest generation. This what Ali Moeen Nawazish reacted to the article shared by Mangobaaz on their social media page.

My response to Mangobaaz’s Article!

by Ali Moeen Nawazish

Mangobaaz posted this story. It is about a girl who discovers she is a lesbian, and she walks us through that journey. Stories like these are done sometimes to gain traction, likes and ad revenue from trying to make content viral.

At the other side of the spectrum, this also points to a liberal elite or emerging liberal segment of society brought up so much on western values and western media, they believe as in the west, LGBT and sexual issues etc are the most prominent issues in the country.

To be gay/lesbian is kind of pretty easy in Pakistan. You can have sleepovers, go out on dates and even take trips even without anyone raising an eyebrow. Something that a lot of heterosexual or straight couples will find a challenging thing. Even married people avoid it at times, because of privacy concerns.

Yet, you have some people who have started this new form of “journalism” which contrary to doing anything productive is an absolute misfit in the realities of our country and our people.

For people like these, because they grew up on things like gossip girl and God knows what other seasons, their connection with Pakistani reality is very twisted.

I have always held the view that you are free to do what you want as long as you don’t get in the way of others or enforce what you want to do on others. Pakistan is a unique society with its own social, religious and cultural fabric.

The way some people want to bring about debates which have nothing to do with the immediate betterment of Pakistan and its real and core issues, only serve to distract us from our core problems.

I just want to say, wake up! Go out and walk on the street, you are in Pakistan, not New York. We have very different and more important battles to fight here at the moment.

Very few people in Pakistan have voices and opportunities. We live in a country where people get scared to go on escalators when they see them for the first time. People die because they can’t afford basic drugs. People don’t feel safe. So, when you are lucky and you have voices. These are the issues you raise instead of education, healthcare, and security?

Shared by Ali Moeen Nawazish

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