Rihanna is a popular celebrity followed by millions of people. People look up to her as a fashion icon. Whatever she wears becomes a trend and makes sensation through the internet. She is always considered as a celebrity who sets trends. Furthermore, the major reason for her to be followed by millions of people is her talent and of course fashion spirit.  Rihanna always brings something new and fresh into the existence which nobody could even though. Whether it’s about outfits, shoes, or makeup she always astonishes people with her killer looks.


Rihanna recently revealed her latest collection and newest addition fo lipstick range with her namesake makeup collection on Instagram. Rihanna introduced 14 new lipstick shades called Matte Moiselle. Matte Moiselle is a matte lipstick comprising of 14 colors in it.

14 lip shades must have in your bag:

Fenty Beauty Candy Venom.

Fenty Beauty Clapback.

Fenty Beauty Freckle Fiesta.

Fenty Beauty Griselda.

Fenty Beauty Ma’Damn.

Fenty Beauty Midnight Wasabi.

Fenty Beauty One of the Boyz.

Fenty Beauty PMS.

Fenty Beauty S1NGLE.

Fenty Beauty Saw-C.

Fenty Beauty Shawty.

Fenty Beauty Spanked.

Fenty Beauty Up2 No Good.

Fenty Beauty Ya Dig?


This collection of lipsticks seems to include every color in your handbag now, We can spot a vibrant Fanta orange, hot pink, classic red, deep mauve, chocolate brown, forest green, and Rihanna navy. These colors are totally new which can make you look trendy and bright throughout the day.

The singer gave us a full look at the navy color by putting a post on Instagram. Named Clapback, the rich blue was first featured on the singer’s Instagram story and now we can see the full shade on the singer Rihanna herself.

The matte lipstick collection Rihanna’s consists of certain colors such as universal Stunna red paint, Galaxy lipsticks from the holiday collection, and Gloss Bomb from the first makeup delivery. The full collection will be available at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, and Fenty Beauty. You will also be able to shop the full collection in store, if you prefer, at Sephora and Harvey Nichols.


The Matte moiselle collection includes a rainbow of 14 shades including the three Rihanna hid in plain sight on her lips last week. Yes, you saw it right Rhianna already promoted her lip color by wearing three shades of her new matte lip range. If sources are to be believed, Rihanna was about to drop a FULL line of lipsticks after her modeling which teases three different shades in one week.


This line will have everything from pink to green to a range of nude browns as well. And those nudes could be groundbreaking. We already know the beauty industry is severely lacking in the deep nude lipstick department. It would be entirely on the brand if Fenty Beauty came through and swept the board with a range of nudes to match ALL skin tones, just like it’s done with foundation shades.

Oh, well how appropriate, Rihanna is the queen of the perfect looks. Girls usually get worried about wearing the right makeup thing either for going to a party, travel, office or get together with friends. Rihanna made your work easy by launching these new perfect shades. Therefore, add these new trendy shades into your bags for a trendy and stylish look. So what are you waiting for girls go grab these super trendy lip shades and rock it?

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