Migraine can be dangerous for your health

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Migraine is type of headache and considered to be a serious nervous disorder in which one artery of the brain release some chemicals that disturb the other arteries of the skull. Due to this specific chemical many other blood vessels in the brain starts getting enlarged. As a result attack of severe headache occurs sometimes with the other complications like nausea and vomiting in severe cases.

Around the world there are millions of people who are actually suffering with this disease. It can be mild and severe but it all depends on the internal condition of the person who is suffering with Migraine. It is the headache which occurs only in the half part of the brain and head.  In this problem the person feels severe pain in the head in some specific part of the head. This headache mostly ends in a day but in severe cases it ends in days. The intensity of this pain is so high that the person couldn’t do many of their routine tasks and daily activities. The severity of the pain could make him mad at some people and he/she easily loose his/her temper.

Migraine is basically an inherited problem which moves from one generation to another in families. A person’s family history always be checked if he is suffering with the headache and this continuously irritates him. But according to some of the neuro surgeons and famous doctors Migraine is not a very big issue but if it cannot be cured than it will lead to risk for life. According to them it is easy to cure from migraine other than the headache that is in full brain or head. Pain in full head always needs to be checked by C.T.Scan test because there might be the occurrence of some big issue regarding the pain.

The ratio of migraine is much higher in women other than man. Majority of the women starts suffering from this problem in her lower ages. The reasons behind this problem are many in which some of the major ones are long time fasting, Birth control pills and processes, Hormonal disorders, Extreme stress and tension, bad sleeping habits, and menstrual cycle disturbances. Some of the minor ones like extra use of chocolates, usage of some specific beans, alcohol drinking habits and last but not the least the use of Chinese salt (Monosodium Glutamate) can cause severe problem of migraine attacks. Some people are so fond of coffee and tea that if they didn’t get on time they will face an attack of Migraine.

In migraine the person who is facing this problem can react differently and became hyper. A loud voice, shouting at someone, high beam lights can affect people suffers from migraine. When they are having an attack of migraine they want to relax in the dark room and don’t want any of the noise around them because even slow voice or noise seems them to be very high and they became very sensitive about the environment around them.

Migraine always starts by showing some of the main warnings and if the person can try to control this on time than this problem is not a very big issue seriously. Some of these major warnings that occur just before starting of migraine are blurred vision, sensitivity and flashing of light, nausea/vomiting and scratchy and tingling of arms and legs.

Being the patient of this disease and the family history of this problem I will suggest to people not to take migraine as a very serious health problem because it doesn’t have that much severity as normally people think. It can easily be controlled by doing simple changes in lifestyles and by avoiding the major things that can cause Migraine.

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