If we look back at the fashion trends and brands which are really good in 2017, usually a particular celeb favorite instantly comes to our minds. Usually, denim is evergreen and are worn in every season of the year which can be paired up with different shirts or accessories to create an ultimate stylish and classic look.

Los Angeles designers started off by taking Levis jeans and reworking in it in order to reflect current denim trends in the form of high-rise ankle-frayed crops and cropped flares. These are few of their most popular styles that are usually paired up with some funky and classy tops. Over the years the trends keep on changing, when it comes to denim there are certain designs such as graphic and stripes tees, denim jackets, and future vintage denim line. Certain celebrities are seen wearing skinny jeans such as Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and several style bloggers. These celebrities set trends by wearing it with certain shirts making it more cooler and classy than ever and is the latest fashion trend. Whenever girls are confused what to wear they usually pick up jeans for their day out. Therefore there are certain accessories which you can incorporate which can make your simple outfit according to these latest fashion trend.


Levis work with brand’s latest release comes in the form of another reworked vintage classic fashion. Levis initiated the idea of wearing the certain shirt long with skinny jeans which include sweatshirts and hoodies for the collection and the resulting styles are perfectly oversize. Hoodies and sweatshirts look super cool with skinny jeans. As skinny jeans are quite fit therefore always wear an oversized tee, hoodie, or sweatshirt. The balance should be made as skinny is really fit then shirt should be oversized. This works wonders, also oversize shirts make skinny jeans or leggings an ideal complement.


Co-founder of Sean Barron shared the story behind the decision to add vintage Champion sweatshirts fashion to their repertoire, which states that, “Jeans, tees, and sweatshirts are an important part of every woman’s closet. Levi’s and Hanes are the ultimate heritage brands in jeans and tees. Champion is the same for sweatshirts. When we would go pick vintage Levi’s, most of our suppliers would also have Champion sweatshirts. We felt this was the natural next step for us, so we bought a bunch, reconstructed them, and launched them. That’s a bit of an oversimplification; reconstructing a perfectly good sweatshirt is as hard or harder than reconstructing a jean. It took us almost a year to perfect these three fits, but it was well worth it.”

According to a brand’s descriptions, sweatshirts are really flattering which is quite a rare attribute of the notoriously comfy piece. Brand further states about the styles and here is what brand says: “We took its baggy silhouette and created a sweatshirt that is paradoxically oversized and shapely. The oversized fit of the sweatshirt doesn’t overwhelm the wearer but, rather, flatters while still maintaining its comfort.” That’s all the convincing we need!



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