How to overcome Anxiety (The Mental Disorder)


“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”
Charles Spurgeon

Anxiety being the most common problem in people around the world has many reasons behind. The person who is suffering with anxiety has many issues in his life and is very sensitive in nature. The way he thinks and the way he feels in different routine matters of life is different from other people. In my thinking as we all are living in the fast world everyone in the world has become a patient of anxiety to some extent. The nature and level of anxiety varies from person to person because everyone has its own lifestyle and issue around them which seems to be the major cause of anxiety.

Anxiety can be defined differently on the basis of experiences a person is facing in his life. Some people have anxiety because they don’t have enough money to deal with all their routine matters. Some people have anxiety due to bad personal relationships with their partners. Some people got his anxiety level up because they don’t have an earning hand or they are jobless. Some got anxiety because they are not happy with their relationships or not satisfied in love. Sometimes being over possessive about anything or about anyone also makes you a patient of anxiety. But this is not good at all for your mental health because it’s a serious mental problem.

The problem anxiety destroys your personal life. A healthy person became mentally and physically ill. Anxiety ruins the life of a person. His sleep, his health, and his hunger and craving for food became so disturbed that he doesn’t even think about himself. All these things disturb any person life, his performance in every matter and most importantly his concentration in routine matters of life. Another form of anxiety disorder that appears in the children is the nervousness before any type of exam. Extreme anxiety attack will lead to an uncontrollable person because there are high chances of heart attack and high blood pressure in this situation. Anxiety sometimes caused to a patient by the atmosphere around him. The things around him or the behavior of people around him that patients not like will result in extraordinary anxiety attack. Anxiety patients try to satisfy them by many methods such as taking sleeping pills in high quantity, by drinking, or by taking drugs etc. Women became patients of anxiety sometimes in the pregnancy because they have very high pressure on them for giving the birth to a child.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors which are specialized in this regard to help people who are victims of anxiety disorder. They are well studied about the psychology of any person and any type of mental illness a person can have in his life. They are very helpful to such people to give them support in their sessions with the patients and by giving them the right medicine to reduce their anxiety level. These medicines prescribed by the psychiatrists help the patients to reduce their anxiety level as well as the habits they developed like drinking or taking pills in anxiety disorder. The relatives and people surrounded by such patients also need to help them in this regard because by paying attention on them or by giving them lots of love. It will help them in the fight with anxiety (The Mental Disorder).

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”
Soren Kierkegaard

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