While Ayesha Gulali being the center of attention towards Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf yet there is another controversial news regarding this political party.

Showbiz queen Ayesha Warsi took social media by storm when the news circulated that Ayesha Warsi designer is all set to join Pakistan’s most supported political party by Youth, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf. People of Pakistan are amazed to see her as the part of a political party.

A journalist named Arif Nizamani ADDED ON HIS NEWS and said that it was totally based on personal entry rather than political and Imran Khan was really ‘enthusiastic’ regarding the addition of Ayesha Warsi to his political party. As now Ayesha Warsi is officially a member of political party ‘Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’. The reported further said that Imran Khan is still considered as a certified bachelor. The body language of Khan Sahab was really casual which let people talk about this and people knew that he is happy for on this auspicious occasion.

If the news of social media is to be believed people conjectures that Ayesha Warsi has been elected as the political party’s President for Hazara Division. Nonetheless, according to the political party aspect, they made it very clear saying that she has been elected for Karachi and not for Hazara Divison. The political people said there was no need to elect any president for Hazara Division as there is already a president named Momina Basit for that particular area.

Ayesha Warsi is a well known and popular Pakistani designer and she is now officially the part of this political party named Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf. She deals in several bridal casual, lawn, and prêt collection. The designer usually makes bridal dresses from royal Indian and Mughal traditions. Ayesha Warsi designer met Chairman of the Political party at his residence in Bani Gala. She was offered the opportunity to join the political party as a chairman of Hazara Division. Afterwards, she accepted the offer and now she is officially a part of a political party.

While people who belong to civil populous (Pakistan) have started bashing and hitting Khan Sahab that he bought the designer Ayesha for a motive into his political party. People think that Khan Sahab again is ready to ride the groom’s horse.

Whatsoever the motive of Khan Sahab but one thing is sure that this news has taken social media by storm. People expect some other motive of Khan Sahab regarding Ayesh Warsi.


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