How to Remain Safe in Diabetes

After the blood sugar check, it may be time for a diabetes medicine whose price has jumped.

Whenever we try to discuss the major health issues and the ways how to cure all of them we cannot ignore the very important and main problem called DIABETES

Diabetes is associated with the functionality of our body. It is the type of disorder in which our body reduces its working regarding the production of glucose in the body which is considered to be the main ingredient in our body. It is often taken as a disability of the metabolism system of the body. Metabolism function of our body converts the food taken by us in small portions and produce glucose which then consumed by our other body parts for energy.  The food is the basic source of energy in our body. What we consumed in the form of food is then converted to glucose and gives the body energy to perform.

Diabetes mostly happened when the body isn’t being able to produce insulin which utilizes the glucose produced by the body. The insulin is the type of hormone which is produced by our own body part called pancreas. The pancreas assists the glucose by producing insulin the special hormone in the blood to mix in the cells of our body because it helps the blood glucose level to decrease.

The normal and the most common symptoms of diabetes formally known as diabetes mellitus are frequent urination which is known as Polyuria, patients suddenly feel more thirsty known as Polydipsia and more commonly feeling of extreme hunger known as Polyphagia. Diabetes is mainly divided into three types.

1.       Type I Diabetes.  

Type I diabetes normally starts when the pancreas is not able to produce the necessary portion of the insulin for the digestion of food and absorption of glucose by the body cells. In that type of case the normal blood sugar level increases and the person becomes the patient of diabetes. He then has to use insulin by simply injecting the insulin in the body. People normally of lower ages in their below 40’s affects that type of diabetes.

2.       Type II Diabetes.

Type II Diabetes affects people above the age of 40’s but in Asian countries, it is often common in women and also in lower ages. In this type of diabetes, the pancreas produces the hormone insulin but the quantity produced is not enough to reduce the blood sugar level. It is then suggested to use medication or increase the workout sessions so that the extra glucose will be reduced in the blood otherwise it becomes harmful for the body and people may get obese which is also the start for the other hormonal disorders of the body and other major problems.

3.       Gestational Diabetes.

This type of diabetes affects women normally when they are pregnant. During pregnancy, it is considered to be checked at the start and in their third trimester the Blood glucose level. There might be chances of this type of diabetes because in some women the insulin produced is not enough and not work properly. There are chances of complications at the time of birth so it is checked by giving the sample of blood for blood glucose level. But this type of diabetes is temporary and cured after delivering the baby. Few women need to use medication for controlling this type diabetes.

Diabetes is considered to be the start of many other problems like Heart Attack, Hypertension, Skin problems, Obesity, Hormonal Disorders, kidney disorders, delayed wound healing, Eyesight Problems and loss of eyesight in severe cases. In can be suggested that with insulin in Type I, with exercise, workout and proper diet plan in Type II and in severe cases of gestational diabetes with some proper medication this disease can be cured and the person can spend his life like another normal person. But it is very necessary that the patient of diabetes should follow the instructions of exercise and workout and also the proper diet plan.

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