Eye shadows are very important in the makeup steps. Smokey eye makeup is a very tricky thing to do. If you are not a makeup expert and you lack incentive for doing makeup, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything. All you have to do is learn some tricks for Smokey eye makeup correctly. Learn from the smokey eye makeup tutorial to for better understanding.


First of all apply primer potion to eyelids. If you don’t have a primer potion mix some foundation, Vaseline and cold cream together and there is your home made primer potion. Applying primer potion to your eye is the first step to learn before you learn Smokey eye makeup. Apply the primer all over the eye area.

Now apply a light colored white shade, all over the eye lid and also to the inner and outer corners of the eye, now apply a dark brown shade on the eye lids giving another back ground to the white color. This is the basic of every eye makeup including Smokey eye makeup.


Now starting from the outer corner of the eye apply black shade and start blending towards the inner corner of the eye. Make sure it’s darker on the outer corner and lighter on the inner corner. Now apply the kind of shade which matches with your dress and start from the inner corner and bring it to the middle of the eye lid and blend. Once everything is blended, using your finger apply a tiny bit of the matching shade blended in the inner corner in the middle of the eyelid so that if it becomes light during blending it should be refreshed and also apply the same shade under the water line. Now apply the eye liner and bring it towards the outer corner, and blend with the black shade. Now apply some kajal inside the eye and to the lower lash line. At the end apply mascara and you are done.


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