Eyes are the most important on your face, whether it’s a party or a concert, girls usually go for the Smokey eyes in makeup, it depends whether you go for a dramatic or classic Smokey eye. All you need is basic tools for the makeup even if you are not an artist but one can make Smokey eyes with the tools that are required for the eye makeup or with a little know how. In this article will tell you about the dramatic Smokey eye makeup, How to make them? Let’s learn it quickly in few steps. First you should have the following things in mind

Step 1:

Select your colors:

  • You can make Smokey eyes from any color but any three shades are required for the similar tone.
  • Green eyes with a grey and plum Smokey eye looks great. While blue eyes with gold and copper whereas navy and grey go with the brown eyes.
  • Secondly always chose the three shades a light creamy color, medium base color and dark Smokey color.
  • Don’t use the bright colors if you have a fair skin or too dark.

Step 2:

Keep the right products:

  • Always use the loose powder; it will give you the best blending.
  • Buy a pitch black eye liner whether it’s a pencil, liquid or cream ones.
  • Always use the right brushes for the eye make and especially of good quality. The one that is used for the Smokey eye is the domed eye shadow brush which is round at the top and available at any cosmetic store.
  • Be sure to apply conceal or and primer before Smokey eye as it is necessary to apply with conceal or brush.
  • Always keep the fluffy large brush to clean up the loose powder from your cheeks.

Step 3:

What are the necessary things before Smokey eye makeup?

  • Before eye makeup, apply conceal or under your eyes or on dark spots, then apply foundation powder over the top to settle it.
  • Your eyebrows should be made in shaped as thin or light eyebrows will give the dark or unnatural Smokey eye looks.
  • Use the bronzer or blush to complete the look. Apply the bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks with a larger blush on brush.

Let’s come to the dramatic Smokey eyes makeup, for this just follow these simple steps and you are done with the Smokey eye makeup at home.

  1. Apply the highlighter: for this you have to use the lighter shade of eye on the inside corner and under your eyebrow, above your crease. On the inside corner, beneath your eye apply the highlighter too over there a little bit.
  2. Which color to apply along the lash line? Use the darker shades on the upper lash line and blend it on the crease but it should be darker near the lash line. Use small amount on the lower lash line but only to the outer edge. Brush inwards with your dark shadow below half way to your lower lashes. Your crease is for the medium shades so don’t go to your crease.
  3. Add the medium shade from halfway up to your lid and brush towards your crease; you have to apply this color in a way that it will meet the darker shade. Your eye shadow should be lighter than your lash line to your brows, for this you have to blend the shadow on your lower lash line.
  4. Now start blending the shades in the direction of your lash line horizontally. Add the more eye shadow on your lash line as you have to blend the shades upwards. Now blend the underneath eye shade outwards and edges of the eye.
  5. Add the eyeliner for the complete dramatic look, use the smudged eye liner , for this apply a thick line with a pencil on your upper lash line and blend it with a brush to smudge the edges upwards. Apply a eyeliner under your upper eyelashes that is nearest to your eyeball to add the extra darkness. If you are adding the eyeliner on your bottom lashes than only bring it to the dark shade area only on the lower lash.
  6. Add mascara to your upper eyelashes first to define and separate those, then to the lower lash, avoid using more than two coats as more coats will create clumps.
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