Rings are women’s best friend, women’s love to wear rings. Not only on specific occasions but on daily basis girls love to wear rings. As it is part of an accessory that adds glamour and style, many of them struggle through which ring to wear on daily basis. As women have to do a lot of work starting from home to office. Women usually look up to certain comfortable rings which they can wear on daily basis and can work comfortably while wearing it.

Now you don’t have to worry about this as we feel this issue which is too mainstream we have decided to suggest some of the fashion rings that you can wear on daily use and work.


A traditional Irish or Celtic ring design featuring two hands holding a crowned heart. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. If worn on the right hand with the heart facing you, it means you have found your love and are in a relationship. Wearing the Claddagh ring with the heart facing away from you symbolizes that you are single and looking for a relationship, and wearing the Claddagh ring on your left-hand means that you have found your love are married thus you can wear it casually on daily basis.



A ring featuring a design that is up-to-date with current styles in the industry and you can wear it almost everywhere and every day. What makes a ring contemporary can be it’s cut, it’s setting, its design, or even the choice of materials its crafted from. For example, a ring with a princess (square) cut gemstone is a more contemporary cut than a classic round cut gemstone. A ring mounted in an illusion setting or a tension setting is a more contemporary choice than a classic prong style setting. Rings made out of newer materials, such as palladium or titanium would also classify as contemporary rings, as opposed to jewelry fashioned out of traditional 18k yellow gold or silver.



A band that is uniform in width and set with one or more continuous rows of identically cut gemstones or diamonds. The stones completely surround the band and are usually prong or channel set. It is usually given by a husband to his wife on their wedding anniversary, therefore, eternity band fashion ring can wear on daily basis and casually.



A small ring used to indicate a commitment to a monogamous relationship. It may or may not be a precursor to an engagement ring. Identical or complementary promise rings may also be exchanged between friends as a symbol of their everlasting friendship, or it may be a symbol of a religious or a personal commitment to adhere to certain rules or principles which you can wear casually in your work also.



A ring popular in the 16th and 17th century in Western Europe that was used as an engagement/wedding ring you can wear it casually. It involved a series of interconnecting bands held together with a tiny pin. The bands would swivel and align to form a single ring. Both the man and his fiancé would wear the two separate parts of the ring, and after the wedding, the woman would wear both parts of the ring as one.



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